This guy has had better days


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The Pay Gap – It’s Sickening

Pay Inequality

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Apparently, it’s the Republicans who Like to Spend Your Money

% Increase in PP Spend by President

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Summer Musings

Pretty around here in the summer.



Sophia can spend hours sitting out there with one dollImage

Natalia finished her weekly ballet classes and is now enjoying daily swimming, canoeing, fishing, and hiking at camp. Must be nice.


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With little regard, you pass me

inches from my left arm, your side view mirror comes

A narrow country road. Your Explorer to my left and a stone wall to my right. There’s no shoulder on this road

If I shift to the left, my body could get sucked underneath 5000 pounds of metal, yet you feel the need to stay – you’re not giving me an inch. You’re not crossing that median because you are above me. I don’t exist to you. You want me to think that you didn’t see me, I’m nobody. Why should you shift over to the opposing lane? Who am I to ride a bike on this lonely road?

I suppose that’s how you live your life; rationalizing your decisions and jeopardizing the lives of others in the process. 




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The Right

You profess such love of your country…

…using words like “patriot” to describe your political philosophy, as if to say that anyone who opposes your political views is less American than you

…you use catch phrases on bumper stickers like, “support our troops”, to imply that anyone who opposes a war (the war that ends up being a death trap for so many of those soldiers), does not support service members

…driving the biggest SUV you can find – increasing our need for foreign oil – however you think that’s going to help our country

…believing in ideas and ignoring logic and facts

This country is diverse, it’s dynamic, eclectic and alive; not homogeneous and Christian – like you want it to be. Freedom of religion to you is freedom to spread -your- religion to others and to keep others from practicing theirs. What you love is not this country – you hate this country. What you love is a false idea of what this country once was


You ignore the growth that has occurred since the Civil and Women’s Rights movements and how immigrants have contributed to innovations in technology and medicine to such extent that this is a much better country as a result.

You’re paranoid and constantly thinking of guns because you know you need to protect yourself from guys with other guns. You hate what this country has become; you hate gays and immigrants; you hate anyone who wants to tax you or control how many AK 47s you can own.

You’re convinced that a communist-Muslim is running this country. You want others to suffer through their hardships because it means more money in your pockets.

For you, it’s me, me me.

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2 Days Down and Three to go

Lions Head Pilsner in hand

Burgers ready for the grill

I haven’t done a thing all day, except interwebbing

Was supposed to ride Lancaster County roads today, but mother nature decided to be an asshole

Pre-riding the Bear Creek PA state championship course in the morning.

I’m pretty happy about that


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Are Triathletes Snobs?

My question is this; why is it that triathletes always need to have equipment that is specialized for their discipline?

First off, the bike. Why do they need their own bikes? Let’s say you’re a cyclist and you’re training on the bike 95% of the time. You get out on the road or mountain every chance you get and end up putting 15+ hours on the bike per week. You know a comfortable and efficient riding position because you RIDE ALL THE TIME! On the other hand, a triathlete might ride much less because triathletes, if they know anything about fitness, know that specificity requires that they spend a great deal of time and effort on each specific muscle group – practicing each sport. However, there are only so many available hours to train and therefore I have found that most weekend warrior triathletes only train on the bike a few hours a week and are weak riders.  A bike isn’t going to make up for this.

Now, if you’re going to ride a bike, why wouldn’t you do as the cyclists do and get yourself a road bike? Why not learn from years of experience? Why do you need a triathlon bike? Now, don’t tell me that you need a triathlon bike because it’s more efficient and you need every advantage you can get because I’m sure that a good fitting road bike will place you in a much more comfortable and, thus faster, riding position.

Shoes, why do you need your own shoes? Seriously, I just did a quick Google search and found that, not only are you buying triathlon cycling shoes, but you’re also demanding your own running shoes. Again, you have runners who spend hours and hours running – WHY NOT LEARN FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE AND GET SOME RUNNING SHOES?

What else, helmets, water bottle cages, skin suits, aero bars.

Also, you guys are weird. I’ve had triathletes show up to do road and mountain bike rides with us and you just make everyone kind of uneasy. Maybe it’s elitism or an urge to be different, but there is something strange about you guys that I have trouble pinpointing. I guess it’s just frustrating that you think you can show up to a ride twice a year then call yourself a multi-sport athlete.


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One thing I can’t get past my head is the number of people that are out there that want to abuse and inflict pain on children. How could anyone be such a monster to abuse a child and scar that child for life? I think they should take child abusers (physical or sexual) and let their victims and other victims beat the shit out of them, then place them in a big ass oven to cook.   

Any other ideas on how they should deal with child abusers?

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The most amazing and life-altering experience is that of becoming a father.  Kids are an amazing gift that helps change your perspective on life, your priorities, your life plans. Everything changes when you become a father!


When I think about my girls, I think of how they came into this world with absolutely nothing; absent the ability to speak or comprehend language, rationalize, or communicate. Their ability to communicate consisted of the most primitive form of communications – crying. And that they did.


When I say that kids change your life, I mean it. If you’re not a parent, you have no clue. Imagine coming home from work and opening the door, you and your kids walk in the door and the focus, well, it’s not what it used to be. The focus is now on -their- needs.  A very typical return home (assuming I’m on pickup duty) sounds like this:


Natalia: “Daddy, what’s for dinner”


Sophia [crying]: “Milk”


Me: “Natalia, I’m not sure what’s for dinner, I’ll see what we have; how about chicken?”


Natalia: “Daddy, can we have chicken nuggets”


Meanwhile, the dog is running around whining. Oh shit, I need to let the dog out.


Sophia [still crying]: “MILK DADDY, MILK”


Me: “Natalia, we can’t have chicken nuggets, they’re not healthy.”


As I begin to get Sophia’s milk, I remember that Maggie (the dog) is still outside. Meanwhile, Natalia has thrown her jacket, shoes, and clothes on the floor in exchange for a princess dress.


Sophia is now sitting on the kitchen table, waiting patiently for her milk, now that she knows that I’m getting it for her.


Natalia: “Daddy, can I help you cook?”


Me: “Sure, Natalia”


Natalia pulls a chair up to my prep area and blocks the drawers from opening. The dog is running around because she is hungry and excited and having a blitz (if you’ve never seen a Bishon Blitz, look it up on Youtube).


By now, Sophia has been drinking milk and is comfortable enough to go and get herself a dress too – so she now throws her clothes and shoes on the floor and grabs a dress.


Sophia: “Dad, I have a dress on”


Me: “Looks nice, Sophia”


I think you get the point – chaos.


Even with the challenges of being a parent, I would do it all over again if given the choice. Natalia turns five tomorrow and I can’t believe it’s been five years. It goes so fast.


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